Our tasting flights

We are here to bring the joy of whisky to those who have not yet been acquainted with this wonderful golden drop and to those who are already a lifetime companion of the famous aqua vitae.


3 shelves
3 flavours
300+ whiskies

We have three different shelves in which we divide our collection of whiskies by price.

From the bottom to the top one:

 Lust, Bliss, and Ascendance.

Our shelves are arranged in three different flavour profiles, left to right; from light and delicate to rich and intensely flavoured finishing in peated and smokey for your convenience.


Your personal tasting experience

You can choose to enjoy a single glass of whisky, or one of our tasting sets:

a flight, composed of three glasses.

In both cases, the price is fixed and comes with the shelf you choose.

You can pick any three whiskies from the same shelf to compose your own unique tasting experience.

We recommend each one of the flavours (a light, a full-bodied and a smokey whisky) in your flight for a complete tasting experience.


Not sure what to pick?

Choose a shelf and let us do the rest!

We will show you the bottles at the table, and explain what we picked and why.