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Is it necessary to make a booking?

We enourage you to make a booking using the widget on this website. Friday and Saturday can be fully booked, so to avoid disappointment please book your table in advance!

What are the prices for a (group) tasting?

You can find our prices here.

The prices are the same for larger and smaller groups. When booking for a group, the booking system will offer you an overview of our prices and available times and dates for that tasting option.

What is included in the tasting?

A flight is composed of 3 glasses. We will show you the bottles and provide explanation on them. If you have any questions about how whisky is made and/or how to drink, we will provide you with that too. 
We recommend to take at least 2 hours into account (that is also the default time of our reservation system).

Can I come with a large group? (>5 people)

Yes, but only on certain days, at certain times. The booking system will offer you an overview of our prices and available times and dates for large bookings. A €10 deposit per person is required and will be detracted from the total at the end of your tasting.

What if (part of) the group doesn't like whisky?

That is absolutely not a problem! We have plenty of cocktails, G&T's, some beers and wines, mocktails... if you come with a group of more than 5 people, please let us know how many of you won't have whisky, so we can prepare in advance.

Can I call to make a booking?

No. We only accept bookings via our booking system. For any clarifications, you can send us an email. Our booking system also allows you to get in touch with us.

Do you have any house rules?

Yes, and they are very important to us. You can find them below. Please read them carefully. We expect every guest to respect them for everyone's comfort and wellbeing.


Our House Rules

- Guests must be sober upon entry and throughout their visit.

- Inebriated individuals will be denied entry or asked to leave.

- Respectful behavior is expected: no excessive volume, shouting, or profanity.

- Inappropriate advances or rudeness towards staff will not be tolerated.

- Whisky labels can be admired and photographed, but staff and only staff will pour the drinks.

- Maintain a respectful noise level and considerate behavior upon leaving.

- Security cameras are in place for everyone's safety.

- The establishment's reputation for quality and service is upheld by guests' respectful conduct.

- Any breach of rules may lead to entry refusal or immediate eviction without refund.

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