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Charcuterie Platter

Selection of local cheese and cured meats served with crackers and condiments.

Duck dumplings

with a filling of juicy duck, served with Rapscallion sauce and pickled mustard.

Chicken dumpling

with a filling of tender chicken, served with vegan kimchi mayo and onion pickles.

Prawn dumplings

with a filling of prawns and light garlic, served with vegan hoisin mayo and tempura crunchies

Veggie dumplings (vegan)

with a filling of various veggies, served with vegan kimchi mayo and kimchi.

Bacon Brownie

A surprising flavour pairing of sweet and savory to stand up to all peated whiskies, served with house made raspberry bourbon sauce

Cheese cake

with raspberry bourbon sauce and blueberries

"Tiramisú" bars

vegan and gluten-free

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