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Charcuterie Platter

Selection of local cheese and cured meats served with bread and condiments for 2 people

Kimchi Chicken dumpling

with a filling of tender chicken, served with vegan kimchi mayo and pickles.

Prawn and Spring Onions dumplings

with a filling of prawn, spring onions and light garlic, served with vegan hoisin mayo.

Thai Peanut Beef dumplings

with a filling of ground beef, served with a Thai peanut sauce.

Kimchi Vegan Gyoza dumplings

with a filling of various veggies, served with vegan kimchi mayo and pickles.

Rapscallion Duck dumplings

with a filling of juicy duck, served with Rapscallion sauce.

Bacon Brownie

A surprising flavour pairing of sweet and savory to stand up to all peated whiskies, served with house made raspberry bourbon sauce

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Homemade date sticky-toffee pudding served with whisky infused salted caramel sauce

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