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Our food

We are here to bring the joy of whisky to those who have not yet been acquainted with this wonderful golden drop and to those who are already a lifetime companion of the famous aqua vitae.
Our food is here to pay homage to the golden spirit, which takes many years and craftsmanship to bring to perfection.
Thus we encourage you to sit back, relax and enjoy the food by choosing from more than three-hundred whiskies on offer from our selection.

Cheese and meat platter

aged cheese and cured meats with condiments for two.

*available as cheese only or meat only too.

Smashed potatoes

served warm with miso butter and homemade aioli.

Prawn gyoza

served warm with hoisin mayo.

Pulled beef

served cold on toast with homemade pickles.

Chocolate bacon brownie

homemade, served with blueberries.

Small bites

In the mood for a small snack? Olives, smokey salted almonds and dark chocolate are great whisky companions.