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House Rules: Welcome

Welcome to The Malt Vault, where we offer an extraordinary whisky tasting experience. Our atmosphere exudes sophistication, and we kindly ask all guests to match this vibe. As you join us, we expect everyone to be sober upon entry and remain that way throughout your time here – a fundamental element of our ethos.

Our reputation for exceptional service and top-tier products precedes us. We want everyone to feel comfortable and respected. To achieve that, let's keep the noise level at a pleasant hum and refrain from any boisterous behavior, shouting, or use of inappropriate language. Our aim is to create an environment where genteel interactions flourish.

While we encourage you to admire and photograph our whisky collection, we'll handle the pouring – it's all part of the experience we take pride in curating for you.

When it's time to say goodbye, we appreciate your consideration for our neighbors. Let's keep the area peaceful and free from any disturbances. Also, remember that our attentive security cameras are here to ensure the safety of both you and our space.

We're more than a place to enjoy fine whisky; we're a community that values respect and appreciation. Our staff deserves courteous treatment, and any form of harassment will not be tolerated.

Please bear in mind that if any member of your group is inebriated, we won't be able to welcome you inside. We believe in responsible enjoyment and maintaining an environment that reflects our values. Similarly, we hope you'll understand that any actions contrary to our house rules may result in refusal of entry or a request to leave. Unfortunately, this also means that any deposits made will not be refunded.

Thank you for choosing The Malt Vault. Your presence and adherence to these guidelines ensure that everyone can fully relish in the extraordinary service and tasting journey we provide.

For short:

- Guests must be sober upon entry and throughout their visit.
- Inebriated individuals will be denied entry or asked to leave.
- Respectful behavior is expected: no excessive volume, shouting, or profanity.
- Inappropriate advances or rudeness towards staff will not be tolerated.
- Whisky labels can be admired and photographed, but staff will pour the drinks.
- Maintain a respectful noise level and considerate behavior upon leaving.
- Security cameras are in place for everyone's safety.
- The establishment's reputation for quality and service is upheld by guests' respectful conduct.
- Any breach of rules may lead to entry refusal or immediate eviction without refund.

House Rules: About
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